Key VascuVite™ Ingredients

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At VascuVite™ we understand that it would be nearly impossible to eat enough variety of foods necessary to get the beneficial effects of our potent ingredients. Our ingredients are sourced from nature to give you a natural concentrated source of bioactive compounds.

Most people don’t eat even the recommended daily allowance foods, let alone make food choices based on their medicinal properties. VascuVite™ can be a powerful ally to support healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health. We offer a proven blend of ingredients that we want you to know about. Read about each one of these heart-healthy ingredients below!

Celery Seed Extract

Celery Seed Extract may reduce blood pressure! It is a natural calcium channel blocker.

Celery Seed

Pomegranate Extract

(Punica granatum L.) As a popular superfood, it is no surprise that pomegranate extract is extremely useful in promoting and achieving overall health.

Olive Leaf

Olive Leaf Extract

(Olea europaea L.) Olive leaf has a unique polyphenol called oleuropein, that may reduces stress, and naturally support blood pressure.


Grape Seed Extract

(Vitis vinifera) As a popular choice in natural medicine for supporting blood pressure, grape seed extract seems to have the highest concentration of the potent polyphenols that grapes are so well known for.

grape seed

Standardized Hawthorn Extract

(Crataegus oxyacantha L.) Hawthorn is a shrubby plant with red clusters of berries. It is an age-old remedy used worldwide for countless heart conditions.




Required for the body to carry out many essential processes. It may aid in supporting healthy blood pressure.


As one of the essential minerals required by the body for optimal function, calcium  seems to  support heart health.



Taurine has a powerful sulfur containing amino acid present in high concentrations in the tissues of fish and other seafood. It may play an important role in cardiovascular health.


Convolvulus Pluricaulis

Convolvulus Pluricaulis is an Ayurvedic herb similar to a morning glory. All parts of this incredible herb are known to have therapeutic qualities supporting healthy blood pressure.

Terminalia Arjuna

The Arjuna tree is sacred in India thought to have natural blood pressure management qualities.

Pumpkin Seeds


Zinc is a trace metal element that is necessary for human health.

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