What Are Your Blood Pressure Numbers?


Did you know that your heart has to push blood throughout your entire body? It does this through a network of blood vessels called arteries. The force it takes to push your blood is called blood pressure. Your blood pressure rises with each heart beat (maximum blood pressure) and lowers when your heart relaxes (minimum blood pressure).

When you have your blood pressure measured, the results show as one number over the other. The first number, called systolic, measures the pressure in your circulatory system when the heart beats. The second number that measures when the heart relaxes between beats is called diastolic.

Maximum Blood Pressure – Systolic

Minimum Blood Pressure – Diastolic

When plaque is in the arteries around the heart (Atherosclerosis ), blood pressure rises.

Proactive steps can be taken to support healthy blood pressure. Changes in diet, exercise, and targeted nutritional supplementation can to help lower blood pressure.

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